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Max Gardner and Pete Barry have created the two most prominent consumer rights educational and training Boot Camps in America. Pete spearheaded the program with his famed Fair Debt Collection Boot Camps in Minneapolis and Max followed with his nationally renowned Bankruptcy Litigation Model Boot Camps in the South Mountains of Western North Carolina. Both Boot Camps have been featured in stories by all of the major electronic and print media and have received outstanding reviews from their graduates.

Now, for the very first time, Pete and Max have joined forces to create the ultimate Boot Camp experience.

The Advanced Consumer Rights Litigation Boot Camp is an intensive two and one-half day learning experience that teaches you all you need to know about the litigation experience. You will learn the art of drafting a complaint, taking depositions with an actual court reporter and continue all the way through the litigation experience ending in a real life courtroom with a real trial judge for an actual trial experience. Max and Pete will be with you every step of the way to demonstrate every trick and trap in the book. You will also learn many tricks that are not in the book and never will be.
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testimonialThank you, Max and Pete Barry. Your advanced consumer litigation seminar prepared me well for the many, many, many objections I made, which completely frustrated HLS's attorney and embarrassed her in front of her client. Judge Houser wasn't loving the fact that I was making so many objections, but I'm not going to apologize for it, and I think she knew HLS had problems. For example: HLS's attorney spent more than half an hour trying to authenticate the "original" note that contains the indorsements I'd never seen until last week - to no avail. I think the attorney kind of gave up on it - at least she didn't get back to it before the hearing ended. The key was the fact that the witness is an employee of the servicer, not the document custodian, and therefore was unable to testify as to the authenticity of the Note - which Max pointed out, thanks again!

Thad Bartholow

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